On setting up an automated cloud backup solution

The Problem

In an effort to

I started looking for ways to remotely backup all the junk I collect across my devices.

Current I maintain system snapshots locally using btrfs, but I do not currently have any form of cloud backup of my snapshots.

I also do not have any backup of any of my locally stored data.

In addition my data is stored in RAID 0 distributed between a dozen HDDs and SSDs (both internal and external).

As I said, secure and responsible 😬

Requirements - Backup Solution

Requirements - Cloud storage solution

My requirements boiled down to

Why not use Google Drive/OneDrive/Dropbox etc.?

There's a few reasons for this -

But most of all, I have an inherent distrust of the companies behind these solutions.


The cloud solution I settled on was Backblaze.

Backup Solutions

There were a few options I discarded out the gate for not having the expected de-duplication/encryption/compression support.

Of the ones I considered, these are the ones that stood out

A rough comparison of backup solutions -

Feature Duplicity Borg Restic Duplicacy
Incremental Backup Yes, but no.
Full Snapshot
Deduplication Weak
Concurrent Access Exclusive locking Global backup
Cloud Support Good Bad Great Great

I ended up choosing Restic since it -

Really the only issue I have with it is that concurrent access from multiple clients is prohibited.

This means if my anacron job triggers on both my laptop and desktop at the same time, then one of them will fail.

Putting it together

I finally have a working cloud backup solution! 🎉


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